The Foh Fum Legends are a series of novels
written by: William Andrew Mudie
The Rain Tree


Born in 1817, Ratu Seru Cakobau, heir to the Island position of Paramount Chief, grows into a giant of a man. He wars against other tribes and feasts on a diet of human flesh while practicing voodoo and the sinister slave trade of black-birding in the South Seas. William Brown is born into the harsh jute mills of Dundee , Scotland. Later, he is brought to the attention of Queen Victoria, and after serving as a city missionary, is dispatched to the tropical Islands of the Feejees to convert the heathen and infamous cannibal Chief.




Not for the faint hearted


‘Don't worry about this rabble. All mouth and trousers. Be a different story tomorrow night,' said the barmaid, dumping the two coins into the ornate brass till at the back of the bar. ‘You mark my words. The full moon soon sorts the men from the boys.'
‘Aye,' said William, taking a bigger swig of ale. ‘I don't doubt that.' ‘So where are you going my bonnie lad? Over the seas and far away?' ‘The Feejees,' announced William, a little too loudly. The nearest tables overheard and lowered their voices. Nudging each other, they waited for more tidbits of information. ‘That's a long way. Takes a year and a day ‘cause no ship goes straight there,' commented the barmaid looking curiously at William. He took no notice that others were trying to listen in to the conversation.
‘I have a calling to spread the word of the Lord by helping those poor wretched souls. Souls lost to Lucifer in the Islands of the South Pacific.' ‘Don't mind me deary, but people who go there never come back. They say that's ‘cause they get eaten by them cannibals.' Waiting for Brown's response, the raucous bar fell silent.

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