The Foh Fum Legends are a series of novels
written by: William Andrew Mudie

About the Author

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Born and educated in London England, Andrew qualified professionally as a Civil Engineer gaining experience in both engineering design and construction of major roads and marine projects throughout the United Kingdom. Next came dams, cement plants, water treatment plants and mining, acid and fertilizer process plants throughout southern Africa.

Later, Andrew decided upon a career change to pursue business and financial consulting and moving into international markets, undertook the sale of financial products for projects in Thailand, The Peoples Republic of China and the Fiji Islands.

Andrew has engineered his own writer's cottage on Mount Tamborine overlooking Australia's Gold Coast and has an extended family, been married to Lynne for over forty years and he holds dual nationality both in Australia and Great Britain.


Historical Fiction - 1800s (pages 434)

This is the long awaited sequel to Charles Dickens' novel, Great Expectations, yet with a focus on the powerful activities of the convict hero Abel Magwitch.

Suffering under corporate skulduggery and a broken heart, Miss Havisham becomes a recluse raising the beautiful Estella who taunts her childhood friend Pip Pirrip

Pip helps Magwitch on the frost-bitten Kentish moors prior to transportation to Australia. Magwitch never forgets.

Becoming seriously wealthy in Australia, Magwitch anonymously funds Pip and returns to Britain only to be recaptured as a felon. Magwitch perishes in prison leaving his heirs, Estella and Pip, to travel to Australia in search of the Magwitch Fortunes.



Historical Fiction - 1800s (pages 472)

William Brown is born in 1825 and grows up in the harsh jute mills of Dundee Scotland. Later, he is brought to the attention of Queen Victoria and is dispatched to the tropical islands of the Feejees to bring light to the heathen and infamous giant cannibal Chief, Ratu Seru Cakobau

1817, Feejee sees the birth of Ratu Seru Cakobau, heir to the island position of Paramount Chief. Born a Heathen cannibal, Cakobau grows into a giant ogre, feasting on a diet of human flesh, whilst practicing the art of voodoo.



Thriller/Drama - Present time (pages 314)

Refusing to pay a bribe to corrupt officials lurking within the corridors of power of Queensland Transport the author, Andrew Mudie, is hit with sixteen criminal charges for driving his privately registered London bus on Queensland roads.
Consisting of perjury, fabricated evidence, conspiracy and false accusations, the trial evidence developed by Queensland Transport is corrupt and forces andrew to apply the power of the pen to publish the truth about the malfeasant Queensland Government agency.



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